H&M drops lawsuit against graffiti artist after Major Backlash

H&M is in hot water again after their recent ad, where they used a graffiti artist’s work as the backdrop in an ad, without giving credit to the artist.

When the artist, “Revok” had noticed that graffiti he had painted on a handball court in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, had served as the backdrop for an H&M photoshoot. He sent the company a cease and desist letter, demanding that it stop circulating the images on social media and also compensate him for his artwork, h&m refused, saying the artist had no grounds because graffiti is Vandalism and is Illegal anyways.

When “Revok” threatened to sue the company, H&M filed a lawsuit against him in a NewYork court requesting graffiti & other forms of street art be exempt from copyright laws so they could use it without paying or crediting the artist. After widespread outcry and calls for boycott, H&M quickly drops their lawsuit & are offering to pay the street artist, which is what he asked for in the first place.

H&M then posted this message their Instagram story today

Image source: Instagram

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